Hi and welcome to Camfess! We love it when you submit, but we receive submissions more quickly than we post. If you spent a lot of time and effort on your submission, please keep a copy somewhere!

We assume that all camfessions written are important to or considered in good taste by the writer.

You acknowledge that you have the sole rights to any image and permission of those within to post it.

Camfess is our collective project and you are the first step to regulating its content! Boost the chances of your camfession getting posted by putting yourselves into our shoes, putting in the relevant CNs/TNs and dots, and only sending us your best.

We’re much more likely to post submissions that are: • recent / timely • relatable / funny • complete • actually Camfessions • related to Cambridge/student life • submitted with the relevant CNs/TNs and sufficient dots • a correctly-formatted reply We are very unlikely to publish submissions that are: • more than two weeks old • actually Crushbridges or Grudgebridges • imflammatory reposts or responses giving similar views • directed at someone identifiable • self-promotion or an advert for a product or service • abusive to us

The hashtag is automatic, there is no need to number your entry.

If you are debating a previous Camfession, we strongly encourage you to take your point to the comment section of that particular Camfession. If anonymity is necessary, please start with: [reply to #Camfession____].

If you are waiting for a post to be released, please avoid "spamming" us with multiple posts in the hope that one would get through as that would work contrary to your intention. We could increase the rate at which posts are released, however, that would mean that each post is only read by very few people.

Regarding camfessions related to mental health, we are sympathetic to the desire to offload and receive words of support and will try to post them as quickly as we can. However, we must remind you that we are not qualified to provide the right help or support. Please put in the relevant CNs and TNs for minimal posting time.

Regarding controversial content, we have very little time to discern what is postable or not and repeated indecision leads to a cumulation in our inbox and often an eventual decision to delete. If you are unsure if something should be posted, don't leave that decision to us!

Our inbox is open for comments at all times, and we do not feel it is fair on us to feel pressured into posting anything via anonymous abuse. If that is what you intend to submit, we ask you to reconsider what you are trying to achieve.

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